Case study: Corelight


A new name for a network security game-changer

Working with a team of strategists and designers, Heirloom helped rebrand Broala by giving it a new name: Corelight.

As the new CEO of Broala, a network analysis and information security company, Greg Bell saw an opportunity to shift his company’s brand strategy and identity to better resonate with customers and investors. He also recognized the importance, however, of maintaining a strong relationship with the open-source community behind Bro, the software project upon which Broala’s product—and name—were based.


As part of a team led by Covalence Solutions, Heirloom created a new name for Broala. Caren Williams, an independent brand and marketing strategist, led discovery and brand platform work to arrive at a new positioning idea and tagline for Broala: illuminate your network. Based on Caren’s work, we developed the name “Corelight” to suggest a light at the core of customers’ networks. By illuminating customers’ networks, Corelight enhances visibility, understanding, and security.


Tamara Crawford, a freelance creative director, designed a visual identity driven by white, negative space punctuated by a glowing green “C” surrounding the new brand name. Combined with simple, sans-serif fonts and sparse messaging, the new identity is sophisticated and refreshing. Shortly after rebranding, Corelight secured a $9.2 million round of investment—its first ever outside funding. Six months later, Gartner listed them as a "Vendor to Watch" in their 2018 Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.



    Naming: Heirloom

    Project lead: Mike NorrisCovalence Solutions

    Brand strategy and messaging: Caren Williams

    Visual identity design: Tamara Crawford


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