What we do

We create demand and competitive advantage for brands by defining their strategic foundations and crafting their identities.

Brand strategy platform

Clarity, focus, and differentiation are hallmarks of the strongest brands. The strategy platform serves as the foundation for this strength by capturing the intent of a brand as well as its personality and style. 



Think of a brand name as an opportunity. The right name can inform, engage, or excite. We develop creatively compelling and strategically effective company, product, and service names and naming architectures.


Brand architecture

How should your brands relate to one another? By answering this question, brand architecture clarifies your portfolio, promotes cross-selling, and manages how customers perceive your brands.


Messaging and voice

To cut through the clutter and be heard, you’ll need both messaging—the themes you’ll hammer home again and again—and brand voice—the tone that ensures you not only communicate, but connect with your audiences.


Visual identity design

Working with our design partners, we develop powerful visual identities with depth, range, and flexibility. Much more than the sum of its parts, a visual identity is a comprehensive system, underpinned by strategy. 


Market research

Through research, Heirloom uncovers customer perceptions and motivations, competitive strategies and tactics, as well as new ideas and sentiments that may lie just beneath the surface within your own organization.