We build enduring brands for emerging businesses.
In marketing, there’s a tactic born every minute. Across tactics and time, consistent strategies and identities give brands staying power.
Our expertise
We create demand and competitive advantage for brands by defining their strategic foundations and crafting their identities.
Brand strategy platform
Clarity, focus, and differentiation are hallmarks of the strongest brands. The strategy platform serves as the foundation for this strength by capturing the intent of a brand as well as its personality and style.
Messaging and voice
To cut through the clutter and be heard, you’ll need both messaging—the themes you’ll hammer home again and again—and brand voice—the tone that ensures you not only communicate, but connect with your audiences.
Brand architecture
How should your brands relate to one another? By answering this question, brand architecture clarifies your portfolio, promotes cross-selling, and manages how customers perceive your brands.
Visual identity design
Working with our design partners, we develop powerful visual identities with depth, range, and flexibility. Much more than the sum of its parts, a visual identity is a comprehensive system, underpinned by strategy. 
Think of a brand name as an opportunity. The right name can inform, engage, or excite. We develop creatively compelling and strategically effective company, product, and service names and naming architectures.
Market research
Through research, Heirloom uncovers customer perceptions and motivations, competitive strategies and tactics, as well as new ideas and sentiments that may lie just beneath the surface within your own organization.
Our thinking
Get our point of view on the latest in brand strategy, identity, naming, and more.
The worst possible name for your brand and three things you can learn from it
Let’s say you want to come up with a great brand name for a new beverage brand you’re launching. You know what consumers are looking for, and you’re the creative type. What’s the biggest naming mistake you could...
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Comedy Central’s brand strategy is no joke
Once upon a time, before the likes of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande roamed (infested?) our airwaves, a startup television channel named MTV used to play music videos. And not just from 3 AM to 8 AM...
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The myth and misuse of “one thing”
In 2009, Laura Ries of Ries & Ries brand consulting derided a new ad campaign from UPS claiming they do “more than shipping.” She writes: “Once your brand stands for something in the mind...
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Mind, body and sold: bridging the divide between business and brand
What can Descartes teach us about brands? His concept of duality applies more to modern business than you’d think. René Descartes, a towering figure of the scientific revolution, described the mind as non-physical...
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How real-world crises reveal brand strength
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and brand strategy should be fundamentally intertwined. A company’s approach to CSR, sometimes called “corporate citizenship,” can differentiate it from competitors...
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Businesspeople are people too: The case for emotion in B2B branding
The goal of branding is sometimes explained as an attempt to create an emotional connection between brand and customer. It’s easy to demonstrate the effectiveness of this emotional side of…
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Our experience
Full case studies coming soon.

Note: Some clients listed above represent individual work experience of Rob Meyerson, Principal and Founder of Heirloom, while employed by other companies and brand consulting firms.
Our team and partners
Led by its founder, Rob Meyerson, Heirloom is a coalition of independent-but-aligned members—seasoned brand and marketing professionals—who come together to solve specific client challenges. For every project, experts in research, design, and other specializations are brought in to build the perfect team.
Rob Meyerson
Principal and Founder
Rob works with business leaders to build identities for their organizations, products, and services. More than a name or logo, Rob believes an identity is defined by clear, focused beliefs, expressed through compelling words, and substantiated by consistent actions. His specialties include strategic positioning, naming and messaging, brand architecture, qualitative research, and organizational change. Prior to launching Heirloom, he was global head of brand architecture and naming at HP, and previously held strategy director roles at several leading, international brand consulting firms.
Mark Guthridge
Partner: Design
Through design, Mark creates stronger connections between organizations and their audiences. He starts with a simple, strategic concept, then crafts brand expressions and experiences to address and overcome his clients’ business challenges. In addition to his partnership with Heirloom, Mark runs his own successful design consultancy. Learn more at www.markguthridge.com.
Rob Goodman
Partner: Marketing
Rob Goodman’s ability to blend business sense with creative expertise defines his work as a marketing consultant, content strategist, and writer. Rob was most recently head of global marketing for digital publishing at Google, and previously led online marketing for Simon & Schuster and helped shape grassroots digital marketing at Sony Music. Rob is also the founder of OpenVerse, a marketing and storytelling firm.